In Florida, wetlands are unceremoniously interred under clean, comforting fill. Parched canal banks emerge from muck and limerock. Myth replaces reality; a parrotted paradise is born of stout St. Augustine grass, primly planted medians, perfectly spaced palms, and gracefully arcing sprinkler showers.

My photographs, sculptures, and installations seek to unflinchingly embrace this subtropical simulacrum, this false Eden. Inflatable alligators invade the Everglades. Crusty, barnacle-like growths devour a Miami beachfront condo. I am reborn as a quixotic conquistadora, a feathered pinup shrouded in mosquito mesh, and a rogue scientist. The varied works are united by a desire to question cultural attitudes about the fabricated environments we inhabit and fetishize to the point of precarious delusion.